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Krug Baümen was established in 1997 and has been producing high quality Timepieces for over 15 years. Originally created to offer bespoke watch designs that were not available in the general market, Krug Baümen has evolved to become a highly regarded brand in the market place. Starting with designs such as the Tuxedo and Regatta lines the brand has now evolved to over 250 different models and the new 2012 ranges, including the Enterprise Diamond and Air Traveller Diamond,continue the tradition of stunning timepieces built to the highest quality. All Krug Baümen Timepieces are individually seriel numbered to confirm authenticity and carry a 5 year movement warranty on all models.

Krug Baümen continues to work with companies around the world to create and innovate unique designs that are not common in the market place and to bring these to the consumer at reasonable prices.